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About Us

We are KK Coe Creations! Are you tired of wearing the Ugly Black Hairband on our wrists, always trying to conceal it under bracelets.  So, we had a wonderful idea, invent a patented groove inside the bracelet to hide the ponytail holder, giving you access to it when you need it, but to conceal with a beautiful bracelet....and then the PONYLINX was invented!  Why be Drab, when you can be FAB!!


  • We are located in Acworth, GA
  • We sell to Boutiques, Bridal Shops and just any type of gift shop that has a need for FABULOUS
  • We've been in business less than one year and growing by leaps and bounds.
  • This Shopify site is brand new to our web business
  • KK Coe Creations
  • We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ponylinx
  • You can also see our video at YouTube/PonyLinx or